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May 2, 2023Liked by Neil A. Abrams

This is the 30 lb turkey of Tankie Thanksgiving. Glad you're willing to stick a fork in it. Hope you can eat the whole thing.

Taibbi, Maté, Greenwald, etc... endlessly repeat mostly-correct premises (corporate media eagerly printed unverifiable fantasies like the Pee Tape, Mueller didn't indict Trump) but then tack on the non-sequitur conclusion 'Trump collusion w/Russia was a nothing burger'.

They never acknowledge the non-fantasy examples of collusion (Trump lies about the status of the Trump Tower Moscow deal in 2016, Don Jr's meeting w/Russians whom he thought were offering dirt on Clinton, Roger Stone/Don Jr/Assange links, Trumps pardons in exchange for silence, etc) or that Mueller didn't indict Trump because AG Barr decreed Trump couldn't be indicted for obstruction.

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