"If the anti-Zionist anticipates the deportation or mass murder of the Jewish population, then, yes, it is antisemitic—potentially genocidal, even. If, instead, one aims to replace Israel with a democratic state which affords equal rights to Jews and Palestinians alike, it is not antisemitic."

The question is whether those who oppose Israel's existence also seek to dissolve other nation-states. Should Ireland become a part of the UK once again? Or should we maybe go back to the 1914 borders where Poland did not exist? If so, then it's also acceptable to oppose Israel's existence. But it would strike me as problematic to claim that every nation-state in the world apart from the Jewish one has the right to exist.

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Thanks for your comment. I disagree. The issue many people have with the existence of a state for the Jews in Palestine is that it prevents the existence of a state for the Palestinians. In other words, if Jewish self-determination is to take that form, it eliminates the possibility of Palestinian self-determination. And, from my standpoint, they make a pretty strong argument. Even if a two-state framework could be implemented, few would argue that it could accommodate the return of the millions of other Palestinian refugees expelled in 1948. There just wouldn't be enough land in any Palestinian state that emerges under that arrangement. So, what then? How to guarantee that everyone who calls Palestine home can (1) live in Palestine and (2) have full political and civil rights? It pretty much leaves us with one possibility - a single state that's neither exclusively Palestinian nor exclusively Jewish and which guarantees equal rights for everyone. In sum, it's not that anti-Zionists selectively seek to dissolve the Jewish state and no other states, it's that they seek an answer to a status quo which affords rights only to Jews but not to Palestinians. If two states cannot achieve that end, then one could reasonably argue that two states would not be just - and there is no basis to deem them antisemitic for saying so.

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I'll tell you what antisemitism is - it's concocting a bizarre BDSM fantasy featuring Max Blumenthal, to make a 'point' about...I don't even really know.

For the benefit of anyone reading this article (all three of you), its author wrote the following in September 2023 (https://www.readthedetox.com/p/horny-for-censorship), due to his enormous irritation at the fact independent investigative news website The Grayzone got deplatformed by GoFundMe, only to move to an alternative fundraising platform, and generate even more donations from the wonderful people who love and support our work. God bless them.

Anyway, Neil's Blumenthal BDSM fantasy in full:

"These people are horny for censorship, or, rather, the appearance thereof. They love the idea of oppression—so much so that they insist on seeing it where it doesn’t exist. But they would never want to experience the real thing. They’re bondage-enthusiasts with a censorship kink. To them, liberal democracy is a playground that offers the freedom to explore the sensation of autocracy right up until it starts to hurt, at which point they can yell out the safety word and make it stop:

Mistress: I’m going to cancel your fundraiser. [slaps on handcuffs]

Max Blumenthal: Yes, I’ve been a bad boy, haven’t I?

Mistress: Shut up! [cracks whip] You’ve just earned yourself a Twitter suspension!

Blumenthal: Oh, you bitch! You goddamn NATO shill!

Mistress: That’s it. I hereby sentence you to ten-years in a Siberian penal colony!

Blumenthal: Uhh, what? Banana…BANANA!!!"

It's you writing these words, and thinking it was really clever, and funny.

Antisemitism is also you suggesting award-winning and widely-read Aaron Mate interacted with you on Twitter to boost his own engagement, when you struggle to generate low single-digit 'likes' for an execrable blogpost.

It's *also* you calling me a "certified lunatic", and saying I'm "active, if easily-excitable."

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Thanks for weighing in, Kit. For the record:

(1) The Grayzone guys, you included, are indeed horny for censorship. You love it, profit off of it, and crave more of it, so long as it doesn't get too real.

(2) You are, in fact, a certified lunatic as well as an active, if easily-excitable, participant in my comment sections, as illustrated by your behavior at this very moment.

(3) Finally, and I'm not quite sure why I need to explain this, none of the above has anything to do with antisemitism.

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Well, I'm permanently banned from Twitter, which is pretty real censorship, is it not?

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Being that you got banned by a company run by a guy who refuses to censor even the scummiest and most destructive content and yet still saw fit to ban you, I would see it not as an occasion to play the victim but rather an opportunity for self-reflection - as in, "how on earth did I allow my life to get to this point?" This is your rock-bottom moment, Kit, so try to turn it to good use.

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No my rock bottom moment was reading your Blumenthal BDSM fantasy

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